Books by Mavis Thorpe Clark

Mavis Thorpe Clark was a prolific writer. She wrote mainly for children and teenagers, but also authored several biographies, a number of non-fiction titles, and many articles, short stories and scripts for newspaper, magazine and radio.

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Teenage Fiction

Photo: spines of several hard-cover books.

See also Articles, Short Stories and Scripts for a small selection of the range of material which has appeared in newspapers, magazines and on radio between the 1930s and the 1980s.


Other Non-Fiction

Readers for Primary School Students

Short Stories or Non-Fiction included in Collected Works

  • The Boy - "Found on the Waterfront", 1940s
  • The Boy: The Australian Boy's Annual - "A Good Save", 1940s
  • The Girl - "New Girls at Clifton", 1940s
  • Cole's Great Book for Boys - "Mystery in the Dormitory", 1948
  • Cole's Great Boy's Book No. 2 - "In the Wrong Colours", 1950s
  • Australian Children's Annual - "A Race for a Rope", 1963
  • Australia in Wars - "Sir John Monash", 1974
  • Australian Escape Stories - "The White Mouse", 1976
  • A Handful of Ghosts - "The Haunted Hills", 1976
  • Australian Bushrangers - "Jackey-Jackey the Gentleman Bushranger", 1977