Home Again at Timber Creek by M. Thorpe Clark

Melbourne: Oxford University Press Geoffrey Cumberlege, 1950.
110 pages; hard-cover; 19cm; not illus

About the story

In this sequel to The Twins from Timber Creek, ten-year-old twins Elizabeth May and Pete are back at their home in the country. They are as lively as ever, and full of plans and bright ideas to bring back their much loved little dog who has been sent to the vet.


"Pete was already standing still, listening very hard. "Sh-sh - you're right. Someone is following. Step into this doorway - maybe whoever it is will go right past."

Hardly breathing, they backed into the sheltering doorway and stared hard out into the gloom.

"There it goes!" breathed Elizabeth May, as a form glided past.

"Yes - but it's not a ghost - it's a man - a pretty big fellow, too. He's turned down the lane at the side of this shop. Why! this is the bank doorway we're standing in. I know! He's a burglar! He's going to rob this bank!""

- Home Again at Timber Creek (1950) page 55.

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Cover page from Home Again at Timber Creek showing Pete trapped in a chicken shed with an angry rooster.

Cover page from Home Again at Timber Creek, 1950.