Young and Brave: Stories of Nine Steadfast Young Australians by Mavis Thorpe Clark

Sydney: Hodder and Stoughton, 1984.
183 pages; hard-cover; 22cm; not illus.


Mavis Thorpe Clark continued to write in her 70s and 80s. Young and Brave, a collection of true short stories dealing with the heroic deeds of a number of young Australians, was published in 1984.

About the book

"Young and Brave is a tribute to young Australians whose courage, determination and self-reliance have been proved in many different periods and places. With her renowned ability to recreate an atmosphere of challenge and danger, Mavis Thorpe Clark tells the stories of nine of them from all over Australia:

  • Tommy Woodcock - a strapper to Phar Lap, for whom he would gladly have died and nearly did;
  • Belinda Kay - young Tasmanian stranded on a Bass Strait island with five younger brothers and sisters;
  • Chris Tangey - scout and campaigner for conservation of his beloved Victorian bushland;
  • Undyarning - Aboriginal girl of the Murray facing the white man's gun;
  • Donald Bradman - at twelve, excited but unafraid when called upon to bat for an adult team;
  • Alice Niemann - ten-year-old Northern Territory pioneer on the most remote cattle-run in Australia;
  • Will Holmes - lone pack-tracker in the most impenetrable Gippsland forest;
  • Grace Bussell - Western Australian heroine of the wreck of the S.S. Georgette;
  • Bill Hutchinson - thirsty for adventure, explorer at fourteen, discoverer of 'Whitefellow Burrow'."
- Young and Brave (1984) blurb.

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Cover: illustration of Phar Lap with strapper Tommy Woodcock.

Cover of 1984 edition of Young and Brave.