Gully of Gold by Mavis Thorpe Clark

Melbourne: Heinemann, 1958.
194 pages; hard-cover; 19cm; 6 b/w illus by Anne Graham.

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"This is a story of adventure and mystery on the Victorian gold-diggings in 1851. The four Bennett children had set out from England with their Uncle Harry to go to Australia and make their fortune. On the way the uncle had died, and now they found themselves on their own, with exactly £19 between them.

Jane Ellen, seventeen, the eldest and most sensible, was inclined to go back home, but the others were caught up in the excitement that met them even before they had set foot on Australian soil; for gold had just been discovered in Victoria, and no one could talk of anything else."

- Gully of Gold (1958) blurb.


Mavis Thorpe Clark had a fascination for mining, and the adventure and drama of extracting the wealth from under the soil. Gully of Gold is one of a number of books set in the Victorian gold fields.

In 1987, Gully of Gold was the first of her books to be translated into a foreign language - German.


"There was every description of building in Swanston Street - house, shop, boarding-establishment, tavern - and many a vacant allotment between. Every shop - no matter what its original business - was displaying spades, picks, long boots, rope, tin dishes and billies in its doorway. Some had specimens of gold, laid out on velvet in their tiny shop windows.

A glint of yellow drew Richard like a magnet."

- Gully of Gold (1958) page 25.

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Cover of 1958 edition.

Cover of 1958 edition of Gully of Gold.

Cover of 1969 edition.

Cover of 1969 edition of Gully of Gold.