Trust the Dream: The Autobiography of Mavis Thorpe Clark, Author of 'The Min-Min'

Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 1999.
439 pages; paperback; 22cm; 16 pages of b/w and colour photos.


Mavis Thorpe Clark's published more than 30 works of teenage fiction, non-fiction and biography and played a significant role in Australia's emerging writing and publishing scene.

"A passionate the independent traveller, Mavis Thorpe Clark won the 1967 Children's Book Council of Australia "Book of the Year" award for The Min-Min, and had her most rewarding writing experiences in Pastor Doug: The Story of Sir Douglas Nicholls, Aboriginal Leader. These two achievements reflected what was her greatest source of inspiration: the people and places of the Australian outback.

"I have seen the min-min, and it drew me to the red earth..."

Trust the Dream weaves together Mavis Thorpe Clark's family origins, her enduring love of the "red earth", and her involvement with writers' associations such as PEN International and the Australian Society of Authors. It is both an important document in the history of Australian children's literature, and a deeply personal account of a woman who believed in, and lived out, her own remarkable destiny.

- Adapted from Trust the Dream (1999) blurb.

Trust the Dream was published by the family of Mavis Thorpe Clark after her death in 1999.

"Mavis worked on the draft of this autobiography for several years, using the style that had served her so well over the years. She first wrote in long hand, then typed on her manual typewriter - making at least two copies that she could continue to edit. Mavis always regretted that she did not master the technology of the computer, but recognising its benefits she was happy to accept help from members of her family to transfer the text to computer and to incorporate her subsequent editing...

In her autobiography Mavis concentrated on her physical journeys and the contribution these made to her understanding of herself and her relation to her beloved red earth."

- Trust the Dream (1999) page 429.

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Cover: aerial photo of the red desert.

Cover of Mavis Thorpe Clark's autobiography, Trust the Dream, 1999.