The Lilly-Pilly by Mavis Thorpe Clark

Sydney: Rigby (Australian Magpie), 1979.
78 pages; paperback; 18cm; 12 b/w illus. by Prue Chammen.


The Lilly-Pilly is a "high interest - low vocab" book written as one in a series for Australian upper-primary school students.

About the story

"Climbing the Lilly-Pilly was a way of finding out about Rusty next door, but what Maureen really wanted was friends. When a duck flies into the garden, Rusty has a plan to save it - a plan with unexpected results."

- The Lilly-Pilly (1979) blurb.


"She began to wonder if she could get to know Rusty and get dinked to school on the squeaky bike. Or maybe he would teach her to ride it. She had never been on a bike. It must be good to bowl along so quickly. However, if he dinked her, some of the other kids would notice her and be friends. So far she hadn't made friends at the new school."

- The Lilly-Pilly (1979) page 10.

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Cover: a girl sitting on the ground with a duck.

Cover of The Lilly-Pilly, 1979.