The Hundred Islands by Mavis Thorpe Clark

Sydney: Hodder and Stoughton, 1976.
134 pages; hard-cover; 22cm; 33 b/w illus. by Astra Lacis.

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Mavis Thorpe Clark also travelled on family holidays with her "Lewis family", Beverley and Ralph and their children, Debra, Leanne, Warren, Andrea and Meredith; and her "Hall family", Ronda and Peter and their children, Karen, Louise and Rowena.

Destinations included: Norfolk Island, the kauri forests of Western Australia, the Daintree rainforest, the coast of Queensland, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kangaroo Island, and Flinders Island. Flinders Island became the setting for The Hundred Islands.

About the story

"Greg Benson has a dream: to save the "wild things" that inhabit the hundred islands off Australia's southeastern coast before the farmers and developers destroy them. As a first step he wants to study Environmental Science at the university.

But his father wants him to stay in the hundred islands and work on the farm - employing the very methods of pest control and fencing that Greg wants so desperately to stop. The rupture between father and son is inevitable, and Greg leaves home for good.

Hoping to earn the money to enter the university, Greg illegally joins his friend Darryl diving for abalone in the treacherous waters of Bass Strait. Yet no one, not even Jenny, who shares his love for the islands and the wild creatures, can realize the scope of Greg's vision of the future - or share his struggle to achieve it."

- The Hundred Islands (1977) blurb.


"(He knew) he'd never completely lose his fear of that air-hose failing. Never feel really secure in the swirl of current and tide, in the gloom of chasm and cavern, in the lash of the tendrils of bull kelp."

- The Hundred Islands (1976) page 80.

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Cover: a girl holding a mutton bird as a boy looks on.

Cover of 1976 edition of The Hundred Islands.

Illustration: Several mutton birds flying above the sand dunes.

Illustration from The Hundred Islands, 1976.

Illustration: girl lies in the sand holding a baby mutton bird.

Illustration from The Hundred Islands, 1976.