Dark Pool Island by M. Thorpe Clark

Melbourne: Oxford University Press Geoffrey Cumberlege, 1949.
112 pages; hard-cover; 19cm; not illus.

About the story

Gillham School harboured secrets. A gang, an imposter, hidden treasure and a weed-choked lake ... In this boys' adventure story, the mystery surrounding the Dark Pool begins to unfold.


Dark Pool Island was first published as a serial for boys and girls in The Argus (Melbourne) and The Courier-Mail (Brisbane) in 1936. It was reprinted for children in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1947.


""Metal!" he gasped. "My pick struck metal - in the centre of the log!"

They worked feverishly then, their picks glinting in the morning sunshine and the Nipper hopping from one leg to the other with excitement.

In a few minutes, a steel cylinder, fitted with a lock that had evidently been reached through the wood with a very long key was revealed. An examination showed, too, that part of the wood where the key-hole was bored had been made so that it opened with the cylinder, but the break in the wood had been so perfect that, after all these years, it had not been noticeable. It was quite a job to free the cylinder from the wood - it had been put there by expert hands - but when at last it rolled free it was found to be about 18in long and 8in in diameter, the lock-opening being on the side. It was heavy, but as they rolled it about, an exciting jingle met their ears..."

- Sydney Morning Herald Supplement, Playtime Children's Newspaper, Wednesday 29 January 1947, page 6.

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Cover of Dark Pool Island shows three boys standing beside a lake.

Cover of Dark Pool Island, 1949.