Twins from Timber Creek by Mavis T. Clark

Melbourne: Oxford University Press Geoffrey Cumberlege, 1949.
112 pages; hard-cover; 19cm; not illus.

About the story

Ten-year-old Elizabeth May and her twin brother Pete live in a country town. Invited by their grandmother to spend the summer holidays at the beach, the children are unhappy about leaving their little dog, Nigger, at home. Of course the children find a way of bringing Nigger along - and the children and their little dog get up to plenty of mischief together!


Originally written as a radio serial entitled The Little Folks from Bundy, in 1947, The Twins from Timber Creek was published in book format two years later, when the publishing industry had begun to recover from the shortages of WWII. Mavis Thorpe Clark had two novels published in 1949, The Twins from Timber Creek and Dark Pool Island.


"With a high-pitched yelp, he leapt free and the fight was on.

"There!" said Elizabeth May accusingly. "Now you've let Nigger go!"

"I couldn't help it," Pete panted. "He pulled too hard for me."

"Heavens, how they're fighting!" gasped his twin. "Snowy's got Nigger by the ear!"

- The Twins from Timber Creek (1949) page 47.

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Cover of The Twins from Timber Creek showing the children and little dog building sand-castles at the beach.

Cover of The Twins from Timber Creek, 1949.