Mavis as a Girl

As a girl Mavis Clark was bright and busy, though not particularly interested in formal education.

"When I was five, my mother took me along to the local State School and delivered me to the headmaster. I did not like school and at playtime I ran home. My mother did not persist; she was happy to have her last and youngest still with her."

- Trust the Dream (1999) page 42.

"Though I was a late starter at school, I had learned to read at home. As far as academic qualifications are concerned, I was poorly educated, starting school at nearly eight and finishing with my Intermediate Certificate at MLC at sixteen and a half, but my own reading made up for any deficiencies in my education. I was tired of school, but I was not tired of learning. This has been proven over the years of writing. The urge to write that brooked no denial, was dominant even in those early days, while the willingness to learn matched the urge to write."

- Trust the Dream (1999) page 43.

Born to write, Mavis kept a diary from a young age.

"(At 15) my diary-keeping had persisted and I recorded it all; here and there is a brief mention that I am writing. There are detailed accounts of the living of youth: of being in love, of not being in love; of boys being hateful, of boys being wonderful; of a heart broken, of a heart ecstatic; of life a joy, of life a disaster; even the cry "Why do we live?" No wonder so much of life lived, squeezed out the references to writing."

- Trust the Dream (1999) page 50.

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Mavis as a young woman.