Diary Entry - 1927

Mavis Clark began keeping a diary at a very young age - she wanted to record "it all"!

On 21st March 1927 at the age of 17 she began her new diary as follows:

"Dear Diary, although I could ill afford you, I bought you today and I do hope that you are going to hold many interesting things. You should, you know, because you are in the possession of a young girl – a flapper (to use slang) and their lives are usually interesting. N’est-ce-pas?

I bought you, dear diary, for the purpose of recording those things which I don’t want to forget – things which are having and will have a vital influence on my life.

Of course, they deal mostly with les homes, although we of the weaker sex are not always ready to admit it; nevertheless, our horizon is bounded by men. When we buy a frock we wonder, “Will this please him?” and when we endure the agonies of buying a new hat, we say to ourselves, “Shall I be fascinating, shall I bewitch him in this?” As for shoes – well, we all suffer from corns (let us whisper it) because we think of men when buying footwear.

So, let us accept the fact that men form the backbone of our lives and in accepting it – let us be frank about it. – It is said that frankness is the keynote of the modern girl – Therefore, let it be mine."

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Page of diary.

Page from Mavis' diary, 21 March 1927.