Diary Entries - 1928

Mavis hardly ever mentioned her book-writing in her diaries. Below are two brief references to the writing and the publishing of her first book, Hatherly's First Fifteen:

23rd January 1928

"Well, I’ve got the pip, as usual. What a miserable creature I am, always whining over something! I wonder if I’ll ever be able to say, 'I am happy!'"

Is it just discontent? Am I one of those people who could not be happy in Paradise, but would wish for the excitement of Hell? I just want to cry oceans of tears and yet, there’s not much to weep about – I’m just lonely and Mum and Papa are worried about business.

I’ve been working hard lately – I ought to have finished my book, 60,000 words, by tomorrow night or Saturday."

27th July 1928

"Heard that my book (Mine Actually!) was accepted by Whitcombe and Tombs. That night, instead of going to the dancing class, I went to the Austral Salon and met Mr Stillman, the Editor of Whitcombe’s. He is an awfully nice man. Mr Vidler informed him that I was 14 when I wrote "Peggy’s Rival" but I wasn’t 14 now – although I might look it! Mr Stillman said I was very young to have written such a “remarkable book”. I could hardly credit it. Strange to say, I wasn’t a bit excited about the good news. Mum wept and laughed by turn but I was quite undisturbed!"

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